We are a company from Moldova region with great passion for wood. The main object of activity is the production and installation of wooden structures. We produce interior wooden stairs, roof framings and boards with Mitek connector plates.


What we are doing

Wooden houses

We produce contemporary and classic wooden houses, vacation homes, gazebos, garages and carports. We execute attics and over-buildings with wooden structures. We also produce kit versions for houses. Our construction system is framing-board type, with sandwich-type walls


Roof framings and attics

We produce roof framings and boards in classical system or on wooden structures using Mitek technology, which is based on farms and lattice beams using connector plates (wood welding). The roof coating can be in a variety of options: tile, profiled sheet or bituminous shingle


Interior stairs

We produce interior stairs, in solid beech or spruce and metal. We produce a great variety of handrails. Steps and / or counter-steps can be made of solid beech, spruce, poplar, oak or multi-layer beech panels. We provide design and assembly. We design the stairs according to the existing space for the staircase, their utility and we take into account the comfort of climbing


Wooden gazebos and covered terraces

Designed as relaxing covered spaces, they can be attached to the home or they can be independent. Their shape may vary from rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal. The structure is based on wooden pillars and beams combined with spatial parts, and the roof structure will be made of wooden planks. On request we can add handrail. The assembly will be made on a reinforced concrete foundation slab.


Wooden carports

The carport is a covered wooden structure for the protection of cars from rain and snow. The structure may be free or attached to a wall. The carport does not have four walls, allowing good ventilation. A car protected by a carport will not have the frozen windscreen. The whole wooden structure can be painted / varnished / stained. The roof can be one-slopped or two slopped. It may or may not have revetment, and the covering can be of profiled sheet or bituminous shingle


Do you have a plan or a sketch of a house you would like to build?

If we have convinced you so far, we can make an offer based on it.

Advantages of wooden houses


The construction can be inhabited within 1-2 months after the start of the work. The workmanship of wall panels, roof and slab elements in our workshop significantly reduces construction time and installation on site.

Energy performance

They require a small amount of energy for heating in winter and are cool in summer due to good isolation. Our houses can be made in A + class.


Due to the material used, our structures guarantee a minimum noise reduction. You can also choose for wood wool insulation.


Wood is an elastic material that provides outstanding static and anti-shock performance. It provides the best safety in case of earthquake, the house complying with anti-seismic rules.


The actual costs of execution are 20-30% lower than those required to produce a house with traditional materials and the execution speed is 3-4 times higher. Making a wooden house is economical by reducing construction times and energy performance.


All the used materials are continuously reproduces n nature

Wood houses Recently finished

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