In 2012, our company acquired software design and calculation Roofcon & Trusscon, the corporation belonging MiTek. In this respect, our engineer designer attended courses organized by MiTek, where he obtained diploma training, count among the few designers in this system in the country.

RoofCon TrussCon is a design software developed by MiTek specializes in the design and calculation of structures of industrialized farms. MiTek software suite is an industry standard allowing users to efficiently manage the important parts of the business and increase constantly performance.

With this software can run in the workshop:

  • strong wooden boards using multicam or boards with holes and pegs
  • Posi-Joist wood floors, using Posi-Strut
  • framing the rafters Posi-Rafter
  • walls Posi-Stud .

Applications of these elements created in the studio Woodcraft are multiple:

  • beams with large openings farms
  • Long floors with space for all installations
  • classic wall width exceeding 150-180mm.

With these elements can:

  • create larger spaces in the attic, in bridges
  • roofs lofts to create the blocks
  • create broad walled for better insulation
  • Dispose of concrete floors
  • execute complicated formwork for concrete geometric shapes.

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